Valley companies pivot, offer more benefits to attract employees amid continued labor shortages



去年3月,由于新冠肺炎大流行,他被迫休假, 伊恩·摩尔觉得他失去的不仅仅是钱.

“所有和我一起工作过的人, 他们不仅仅是我的同事, 他们真的是我的家人,摩尔说:“, 25, 他曾在坦佩的Postino WineCafe当过酒保. “这对我来说是最难的部分. 我看不到任何人.”

他说,摩尔在成长过程中总是感到尴尬. 他年轻时有口吃,妨碍了他的发育. 摩尔也是诵读困难症患者, so finding an occupation that didn't require intensive reading and provided him a social outlet was everything to him.

在大流行期间,他曾短暂地考虑过找其他工作, 但认为这对他的家人来说风险太大了. His father, who he lived with at the time, is 62 and has high blood pressure and stomach ailments. 这使得摩尔, 自诩为社交蝴蝶, 为了保护自己的父亲而在一夜之间遁世.

When Postino’s parent company Upward Projects called him back from the furlough two months later in May, 他抓住机会为他错过的那家公司工作.

Upward Projects was fortunate to regain a worker already familiar with its business in an industry that is critically understaffed.

An analysis by the 凤凰城商业杂志 found workers prized workplaces that had cultures of respect, 有竞争力的工资, 训练, 交叉训练, 福利和受过培训的领导者. 在失业情况下,这些组织在留住人才方面表现得更好, 满足对工人福利的要求, 和增加企业发展.

Offering these extra incentives could be key as the Valley — and the rest of the nation — faces a labor shortage that is hitting the restaurant, 零售业和酒店业尤其困难.

威尼斯人应用有181,截至2021年3月,所有行业共有1万个空缺职位, 最新的数据来自美国.S. 劳工统计局. 这比2020年3月增加了40%.


根据威尼斯人应用的说法, 一个将研究与合作伙伴关系相结合的无党派非营利组织, less than 50% of workers polled last year were satisfied with their employer’s ability to provide education and training to advance their career, 或者探索更高收入的前景.

这项调查由盖洛普于2020年8月至10月进行. 盖洛普通过邮件和网络调查收到了威尼斯人应用3586名成年人的回复.

传统上, the thought of providing education to workers was considered a disincentive to retail retention efforts, 如果不是太贵的话. 然而, recent efforts have shown companies are willing to spend more on education in the effort to improve worker satisfaction.

去年12月, Starbucks announced an updated partnership with Arizona State University to provide free tuition for Starbucks employees. 在该计划下,退伍军人可以将福利扩大到他们的家人.

7月, Walmart followed suit by announcing it will pay the full cost of college tuition and books for 1.500万全职和兼职员工.

“I think that this is a huge opportunity that we have with what's going on in the workplace right now, it's given us a blank sheet of paper to reinvent how we do things our employee’s experience,劳伦·贝利说, 向上项目的首席执行官,摩尔的顶头上司.

贝利, 谁也是ASU基金会的董事会成员, believes education or training is important because her employees have expressed interest. Like Starbucks, she hopes to provide similar benefits to her employees from her ASU partner.

“我们一直在调查我们的员工, 你知道这是他们想要的所以如果这对他们来说很重要, 这对我们很重要,”贝利说. “我认为这就是我们所做的, 作为一个小公司, 必须承担的任务, 了解我们的员工想要什么,什么对他们来说是重要的, 然后找到创造性的方法来填补这个空缺. 其实没那么复杂.”

向上项目为员工提供了在培训领域成长的机会, 管理, 以及零售的其他方面. 这家餐饮集团拥有Postino、Windsor、Churn、Federal Pizza和Joyride.

女巫弗朗西斯, 威尼斯人应用的首席执行官, 说,有, 或者应该是, opportunities for frontline retail workers to get trained in other areas of the industry such as in 管理 and human resources. Even an hour or two a week in an administrative or unrelated field would do a lot to broaden an employee’s upward prospects, 她说.

根据威尼斯人应用的说法, 46%的低收入者(低于60美元),每年000) workers surveyed feel like they have training or educational opportunities at their disposal. 而62%的年薪超过6万美元的员工认为机会是存在的.

“那个跳出来的大家伙, 缺乏教育和培训机会是否有助于职业发展,”弗朗西斯说.

The divide in those surveyed is even greater when they were asked about benefits like health insurance and retirement. 在接受调查的低收入工人中,只有40%的人认为自己有足够的福利, 而62%的工人收入超过60美元,他们对自己的福利感到满意.


At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, waitress McKenzie Williams got sick with Covid-like symptoms. 一天的病假变成了几天.

“我真的认为治疗这些症状是不合法的, 送饮料, 这也不是,威尔金斯在2020年3月对她的老板说.


“他们声称我威胁要把他们告上法庭, 但那完全不是我说的意思,威尔金斯说:“, 谁要求不具名她的前雇主. “我对上帝说,起诉他们或上法庭根本没有什么意义.”

她说她的前雇主要求很高. 尽管如此, 她说,她的努力工作多次得到认可, 让她的死亡更加痛苦.

“Like, it was considered going home early if you had just worked 10 hours,” Wilkins said. “这被认为是一个短期的轮班. 我们很多人,还有我,也会连续10天这样做.”

因为目前的大流行, 威尔金斯说,她无法立即找到零工或零售/餐饮服务工作.

幸运的是,她的伴侣亚伦有办法在疫情期间帮助她. 威尔金斯申请失业, 而是因为全州的失业申请积压, 她没有立即得到帮助.

威尔金斯写信威尼斯人应用下载她的国会议员. 格雷格•斯坦顿政府. Doug Ducey and even then-President Donald Trump looking for support after she was fired. 这个过程耗时数月. Eventually she was able to get backpay in the neighborhood of $8,000 to help supplement her income.

但失业救济金确实帮助了她. 她用一些钱饲养兔子来补充收入.

“I am still working on the rabbit project faithfully, also job hunting,” Wilkins said. “长时间的停滞不前会把我吃掉.”


凯特·温克勒,Ruby公司的首席执行官.S.基于虚拟前台服务, said she’s seen abnormal trends in her 18 years of providing staffing but nothing like she has seen during the pandemic.

她说,多年来,该公司每小时员工的流动率一直保持不变, 直到2021年1月, 当600美元额外联邦失业救济金的延期通过时. 她说,在那之后,营业额开始翻倍.

The increase in turnover wasn't from workers thinking they could quit because of the extra unemployment dollars, 温克勒说. 他们在情感上挣扎,需要休息. 她说,同样的转变也导致更多的员工寻求远程工作岗位.

Francis from the 威尼斯人应用 also believes a life reprioritization may have contributed to a worker shortage.

“It's possible that Covid certainly gave people the opportunity to think about what's important to them,”弗朗西斯说. “Unemployment benefits may have made some difference, but I think it's much more complicated.”


在大流行最严重的时候,美国.S. Census Bureau reported an unprecedented growth in new businesses or "side hustles" as people like Wilkins tried to survive. 截至2020年11月, 超过82,提交了000份商业申请, 比2019年同期增长16%. 这种增长速度是十多年来从未出现过的.

The surge in business applications coincided with an uptick of unemployment in Arizona. 失业率从4人飙升.2020年2月5%至13年.据美国商务部的数据,当年4月份美国经济增长了4%.S. 劳工统计局. 2021年7月,威尼斯人应用的失业率为6.6%.

然而, 事实是, Wilkins dreaded going back to work because her experiences as a waitress and gig worker.

Francis said the unpredictability of work schedules in the retail and restaurant industry and the difficulty of securing child care for last-minute shifts also contributed to workers not wanting to return to these types of jobs.

这些条件只会乘以感染Covid-19的风险. 对于威尔金斯, her side-hustle was more of a necessity in a world where health care and employer reliability was in question.


尽管他在2020年初被珀斯蒂诺停职, 摩尔看到了他当时的前雇主的大力支持.

公司启动了“团队小费”项目, 一部分小费收入会付威尼斯人应用下载那些失业的员工. In addition, furloughed employees had the opportunity, each day, to receive meals from the company.

“这不仅仅是针对我的, 可能是为了我爸爸或者我的整个家庭, 你知道, 他们想确认我们是否合格,摩尔说:“. “显然,那段时间对一些人来说是非常艰难的. 所以,你知道,事实是,这些做这些小事情真的很突出.”

Upward Projects' 贝利 said the efforts ended up helping the company regain valuable talent and business.

“我们有85%的团队回到了餐厅. We were staying in constant contact with our teams about what they were doing and how they needed help,”贝利说. 我认为这威尼斯人应用下载我们带来了比大多数人更高的回报率.”

布莱恩•埃文斯, Café Valley的首席执行官, 这家位于凤凰城的烘焙食品生产商为商店和餐馆提供烘焙食品, 他说他投资了7美元.200万美元用于解决劳动力短缺问题,同时与亚马逊竞争.com公司. 谷工人.

为了生存, 他说 he established a fast-track promotional program where workers can start with Cafe Valley earning $15 an hour, 但在一年之内, 他们每小时可以赚21美元. 为期六个月的主管培训计划, 哪个会让工人赚60美元,000 to $80,每年000, 也可用.

与Cafe Valley提供的服务类似, Moore said Upward Projects gave him the opportunity to work at a Denver location of Postino. The opportunity to make new friends and grow into a leadership role was a prospect he simply could not pass up, 他说.

摩尔在七月底搬进了丹佛市中心的一间公寓, 这样他就不用担心把新冠病毒变种传威尼斯人应用下载家人了.

“我甚至说不出我有多感激上行项目, 最重要的是我们得到了所有的支持,因为归根结底, 如果我们没有社区的支持, 还有很多我们的供应商之类的, 这是行不通的,摩尔说:“. “这真的告诉我们,我们不只是数字,我们真的很重要. 整个公司是一个大团队.”